Using your computer, tablet or smartphone’s microphone, this online tuner works like a regular electronic tuner. To get started, simply click on the bottom left banner, and then grant the browser access to the microphone (see tutorial).

Please make sure that if you’re going to be tuning an electric guitar, it should either be amplified or plugged into your device so that the tuner can figure out what notes are being played.

As the page ‘Tuning a guitar for dummies’ explains, the notes that you should see on the tuner, from the lowest string to the thinnest, are: E, A, D, G, B, E.

Buy a dedicated tuner to save time

I would however suggest to buy a dedicated tuner. The model I recommend is the clip tuner Korg PC-2 Pitchclip. Here’s why:

  • you won’t need your smartphone or computer anymore,
  • the tuner can stay on the guitar,
  • you’ll be able to tune even in noisy environments,
  • in one word, it’ll be faster.

Tune by ear using audio files for individual strings

Here are also recordings of each individual string in standard E tuning. Using them, you could start tuning your guitar by ear, which is excellent practice.

Low E
High E