Privacy policy

Your privacy is of utmost importance to me. I don’t mean this as an empty slogan: it is an issue I care about as a user of other services, and this knowledge I also apply when it comes to serving content for others. This page goes into what personal data is tracked when this website is visited, and the way that data is used by myself or others.

Affiliate marketing

Some of the links to gear I talk about are Amazon affiliate marketing links. When you click on them, you land on a product page that knows I redirected you there. If you end up buying something, I will get a share.

This doesn’t mean I talk about gear just so I make more sales. As a matter of fact, I use affiliate marketing very little, and the numbers aren’t great. But I do occasionally want to talk about my experience with some products, and like to have a win-win deal with the merchant.


Unlike many website owners, I do not care for fluctuations in visits, and therefore do not use any tool to track how many visitors access the site on a daily basis, where from, with what browser, for how long, etc.

The host with whom I work, Netlify, as stated on its own privacy policy (Nov. 21st 2018), does however store visitors’ IP adresses, for less than 30 days.